Публикация в сп. Мода октомври 2020




– What is more valuable to you – an Andy Warhol painting from 1963 or a Chanel suit?

– I would definitely prefer the painting, although I would not choose this particular style. Over the years I started collecting paintings and I would be happy to extend my collection with another one.


What role does fashion play in your paintings?

My paintings are a reflection of my inner impulses. If I don’t have a muse, I won’t be able to create anything on the white canvas. My paintings are not affected by this ephemeralness, by a client or even a friend’s wishes, and that is why I don’t take orders. The energy I have at the moment is imprinted on each of my canvases.  I have paintings filled with anger and you can notice it at first glance. Fortunately, most of my works bring pleasure and are blessed with incredible energy.


What fashion brands do you like and wear?

I follow a lot of fashion brands but I have always had a soft spot for shoes and bags. It gives me real pleasure to see a woman who has chosen an elegant bag and shoes as a finishing touch to her outfit. High heels are compulsory. Catwalk. Unrivalled!


How would you define your personal style?

I have always preferred the elegant style. Dresses are an essential part of my wardrobe and I think that they bring exceptional femininity to every woman. A woman shows her style and class through her overall look but a dress always helps.


Two years ago, Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director Virgil Abloh compared streetwear to an art movement. Do you agree?

Absolutely, it is also a way of self-expression.


Fashion trends are constantly changing, only to come back in style after a certain period of time. What is your favourite fashion trend of all time?

Some things really leave a mark in time. I would say Chanel – in perfumery.


How do social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, affect your personal and professional life?

For many years I refused to seek publicity and I deliberately did not use this type of social media to present myself but the truth is that this is the way to reach a large audience in this dynamic world – to promote your work, to become recognisable, as well as to arouse interest in what you create.


To what extent do you keep your personal life private?

I definitely don’t think that one’s personal life should be on display. I promote my work, of course, I disclose a small part of my daily life because people want to feel my energy. They let me into their home through my paintings and they are interested in the lifestyle the artist leads. However, I set certain boundaries that I need in order to feel comfortable.


We learned that you visited Paris at the end of the summer. How different is the French capital in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic?

I had an interesting experience, it was very different from my previous trips to Paris. It was beautiful because I had never before felt the city so calm and quiet, spreading its romance in a different, remarkable way. In these moments you can feel the real smell of Paris and its history.


As an artist, how did you feel at the Louvre, surrounded by so many priceless works of art?

Every visit to a world-class gallery or opera is an exceptional experience for me. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Louvre, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House in London – all the famous landmarks where you can find really priceless works of art. Each time it was a remarkable experience.


What is the main responsibility that lies on the shoulders of an artist?

Our primary responsibility is to future generations – we have a responsibility to teach them to love and appreciate art.


Where can our readers get acquainted with your art?

They can get see my works on my website – nedanacheva.com. (Smiles)


In the end, what is the greatness you are striving for?

“Greatness” is a very interesting expression to use nowadays when the fast-moving interests are placed on a pedestal. What inspired me to delve into the world of fine arts was that this way you leave a trace of yourself behind. I firmly believe that it is always more valuable to invest in a painting, to give a friend or a business partner a work of art as a gift as it will not only give pleasure but also remain for future generations, instead of making a gift that will be obsolete in the next year.